The beet hummus is luciously delicious!  It’s evident by the quality that this menu is food from the heart ♥

Alice Murphy, Review on Facebook.

Here’s a wonderful message left by Jennie Avens on our Facebook page. We’re soooo glad you were left “a very happy gal“!!


Everything on the menu was a new experience for me and I instantly have a soft spot for this delicious dish called Kamut . The kamut grain packed so much flavor I almost wish there was more Kamut to couscous but the soft chucks of squash…WOW what a delight, wonderful balance with the other ingredients. Chicken was flavorful, and the beet humus was good, but a lil light in flavor. Since I know they make everything fresh daily, I plan to go for the hummus again because a friend said the day before it was perfection. My only wish (and of others as I hear talk about the truck spread on the campus) is that you consider a lamb or beef gyros or Shawarma on the menu in the near future. Great overall experience, wonderful customer service that left me a very happy gal.

Jennie Avens, Left on our Facebook page.